Become a SubLine Member

Your membership application is accepted on the understanding that you have read and will adhere to the following rules. We reserve the right to make changes to these rules at any time. This website will always carry the current revision of these rules

SubLine Terms and Conditions

  1. SubLine membership is STRICTLY non-transferable
  2. SubLine will not admit anyone into the club who has breached membership rules.
  3. SubLine will not be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained by any member or their guest whilst on the premises.
  4. SubLine will not admit anyone under the age of 18, under any circumstances.
  5. SubLine reserves the right to refuse admission, to members or guests, without reason.
  6. SubLine membership is no guarantee that admission will be granted.
  7. SubLine expects members and guests to dress appropriately. Any mandatory dress code will be advertised in advance on the website, and in the bar. At other times, please respect our preference for leather, and avoid 'casual' wear.
  8. SubLine reserve the right to charge for entry, although wherever possible we will give notice of such occasions in the club and on the website.
  9. SubLine aims to provide a safe environment; however you are expected to be responsible for your own well being in the club. Be sure not to engage in any activity that is beyond your limits, and respect the limits of others.
  10. SubLine reserves to right to search bags, coats etc on entry to the club.
  11. SubLine acts in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Member and guest personal details will never be passed on for use by a third party.
  12. SubLine Members must ensure their guests are versed in these club rules, and understand the nature of the club. An entry fee applies to all non-members. Each member may bring two guests on any visit.
  13. SubLine has trained first aiders on duty at all times. Please notify a staff member if you or another guest are unwell.

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