Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Tuesday, 29 October 2019


What with Dave Lynn day, an imminent election, and my oozy gash healing nicely, it's easy to forget the real business of the day! Things are going great guns down at Subline, with last week's BBW Clubbed to Death Halloween party being a particular highlight. I'll leave it to them to announce the fundraising total, but suffice to say it was a spookily brilliant night; and we can't wait for their Christmas party!
Tomorrow (30th October) and Thursday (31st) we have Club Silencio visiting, with their unmissable new Samhain show - Netflix n Chills; then we have the return of Leathermen South from 10pm on Saturday (November 2nd) with free entry for guys in Leather or Rubber. They're back at the end of the month (Saturday 30th) for their Christmas Party, too.
Our regular fixtures of Dirty Tackle on 8th November, Filth (Skye and company are dressing to a theme of "dystopia" this month (were they predicting a 31st October Brexit, I wonder?!) but any fetishwear is good) on 15th November and Cum in Your Pants on Sunday 24th are this month augmented by our big 9th birthday celebrations and the wonders of Mr Subline!
On Saturday 16th our 'birthday double-ender' (I had to, didn't I?) begins; with a typically debauched Saturday session. I'll be laying on a buffet of delicious carbohydrates to help you deal with all the celebratory bubbly! The following night, we are thoroughly HONOURED to welcome Mrs Moore. She'll be slinking onto our stage with a very special late-night cruise-bar cabaret selection; it's a men-only Subline night but ... and I hope I'm not crushing the illusion here ... Mrs Moore is actually a boy... just don't tell everyone!
The following weekend we have MR SUBLINE, Saturday 23rd November. Gorgeous Pat Clutcher (also a boy, sorry) will be hosting the contest again this year; as plucky contestants permit their cruel objectification and degradation in the name of charity! It's always great fun, and raises loads of money for the amazing work of Terrence Higgins Trust; and this year we've already got 7 or 8 contestants lined up - there's still time to join in, so don't be shy! The prize bundle lined up for the winner is worth around £300; and the runners-up will be getting some lovely goodies too.
That's thanks to some amazing donors; and the haul of prizes is so rich this year that we're running a prize draw too. We'll be drawing the winning tickets while voting is completed on the Mr Subline contest. Tickets are on sale at the bar, £1 each, all going to THT. The current prize list is below.
Beyond that; the next exceptional night is our INAUGURAL QUIZ NIGHT, on Monday 2nd December. Doors open at 7pm, and the quiz begins circa 8pm. All gender variants are welcome for this one, and entry to the quiz is £2 per person. Former Mr Subline (not that he likes to mention it) Ian will be hosting, and is composing a bewildering selection of questions as we speak. This first month, we're also very pleased to be raising funds for THT... some of the most incredible prizes pledged for the Mr Subline kitty are going to be held back and auctioned off between quiz rounds.
Auction lots so far include a three-course-meal with champagne for two people at a Brighton restaurant of their choice thanks to Peter Shapcott; a stunning original artwork by Syd Spencer; and a visit form the Bedford Tavern's Singing Chef, Jason Thorpe, who'll come to yours, cook for you and your friends, and serenade you as/after you dine!
The Subline quiz is going to be a regular fixture, held on the first Monday each month; with fundraising, half-time sarnies, music and picture rounds, spot prizes, and a final test for the victorious team to decide whether the cash pot is theirs, or if it rolls over. The winning team will also have the honour of nominating the charity for the following month's quiz.
As ever, these events (and more) are listed and kept up-to-date on Facebook and on the Subline website. 
Finer details on the quiz, and on our various festive offerings, next time!
Raffle Prizes and donors:
Adam Brooks and the Bedford Tavern - Sunday roast and wine for 2
Davina David Pollikett Sparkle - Sunday Lunch and Show at Mercure (next March)
Ben Williams at The Camelford Arms - Meal and Wine for Two
Craig Moore - Nando's Vouchers
Andrew Gee, Curry Leaf Cafe - Meal for Two
Patti O'Dors at Ye Olde Black Horse - Sunday roast for 4
Herve Guyat and the New Steine Bistro - Meal for 2
Sharon Barr and the Newport Arms - Vouchers
Guy Cornelius - Bombay Sapphire Distillery Tour
Mrs John Moore - Limited-edition Mrs Moore calendar!
Brian Latham - Bottles of Malt Whisky
Michael McGarrigle Bar Broadway - Michael's cellar goodies!
Tina Wisted - Paddle and Cock Pump
David Harris - Hair Products
Serge Gouraud at Don't Tell Mama - NYE Tickets
Peter Shapcott - DVDs
...and those who've pledged a prize not named above (Dan Palmer Johnson, Chris Marshall, Lee Cockshott, Kevin Twomey, Marc Walmsley, Skye Dela Mare, Paul Gray, and me(!)) yours will be going to the contestants of Mr Subline!
Full list is maintained HERE: