Is it not Summer yet?
Thursday, 8 February 2018

Yeah yeah, I know. I never write, I never call... If you've been attentive, you'll have been kept reasonably well-informed through the website and Facebook, and quite possibly also seen that I've had an excuse! Back on my feet again now, though; and here to give you a very quick run-down of the forthcoming events at Subline.

First up, it's less than 24 hours from the time of writing until DIRTY TACKLE; Our Sportswear night this Friday (9th February.) Doors open at 10pm, DJ Screwpulous is providing the sounds, and entry is £3 in sports attire, or £5 in casual gear.

Next weekend the Friday is in the hands of Kitten Skye and her FILTH crew. The monthly full-fetish party will take a more romantic bent for Valentine's Weekend (well, perhaps...) and advance tickets are still available from skiddle - Google is your friend!

The only other 'exceptional' February event is our monthly underwear party, CUM IN YOUR PANTS on Sunday 25th. No excuses, I'll make sure the heating's on!

A quick scan back through my patchy archive suggests it REALLY is a long time since I wrote to the mailing list: the end of October, in fact! Apologies!

I'll take this opportunity to re-back-slap Sally Vate, the guys from THT, all the gorgeous contestants, and indeed the attendees from Mr Subline; raising as it did over £620. Seems not to have been considered important enough for the local 'gay press' to mention, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself!

The Bear Weekend guys also did sterling work in December with over £350 going to the Rainbow Fund from the Bad Santa party.

I'm just getting my feet back in the stirrups at the moment (behave!) but will be back VERY soon with details of March events - more fundraising, Easter weekend, and a couple of big one-off events falling (slightly) towards the artsier / queerer end of the Subline spectrum.

Until then, all the very best