Before Pride, comes a rise
Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Good Evening!


Now the dust has mostly settled, I'd like to give thanks to the organisers and volunteers of Brighton Bear Weekend, not to mention all those who attended. We might not have won the quiz *grumble* Family Fortunes? *grumble* but Subline and patrons certainly showed we know how to party. Final figures for the weekend will be announced very soon, but I can confirm that the donation from Subline (primarily comprised of door money from the weekend) is over £1,500. With wristbands, Shirts (still some stock remaining if you've yet to buy one!) and collection tins on top of that, there'll be a big wedge of dough going to the good works of The Rainbow Fund. Pat yourselves on the back, and I'll do mine - obviously not until after I finish typing. Do I look like Mavis Beacon? ;)


Whilst on a charity note, and a Beacon note for that matter; there have been a few of you inquiring about the Sussex Beacon Bizarre Bazaar. A brief explanation for newcomers: the Beacon shops receive some donations that aren't 'family friendly' and cannot be displayed instore. We've traditionally opened our doors for them to have a pop-up adult charity shop at Subline. At the moment, they're seeking donations of adult goods (particularly rubber and leather clothing) with the plan being to sell through the St James' Street store over pride weekend. Anything you've grown out of, grown bored of, or never really understood how to attach in the first place; they'll be happy to take it off of your hands. Subline will be hosting a Bazaar a little later (probably not until New Year) but they can always use donations!


Having mentioned PRIDE, I'll give you a few details here. Pricing remains as it was last year. Friday night is regular prices (£3/£5) then on Saturday and Sunday member entry is £6, Non-member £9. I am ticketing Saturday and Sunday; and there will be a two-tier queue system when we inevitably hit capacity. Ticket holders to the front! I seem long gone from the mailing lists of the lovely folk who organise Pride, and certainly haven't been contacted about this year's event. Subline, therefore, will not be selling the Street Party wristbands, and we will be outside of the Street Party zone, as we were last year. I'll tell you a bit more in a couple of weeks time; but for now, those are the basics. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are available NOW - first come, first served!


Before we get there, however, the whole month of July is spread before us.


Exceptional events beyond our standard five-night cycle are as follows:


Thursday 6th July we are proud to present Club Silencio's All-American Apocalypse. Immersive cabaret, Surrealist humour, and tightly-organised chaos collide; with doors open to all boys and girls over 18. It kicks off at 8:30, and entry is £5 per human.


The Big Scrum is back on Friday 14th, with DJ Screwpulous and a host of rugby lads in attendance. Entry is £5 in sportswear, or £7 otherwise.


On Friday 21st, it's Filth time again. Quite a few of you members have ventured into the kinky poly-sexual world of Kitten Skye and co, and while it isn't for everybody, it's always a packed and lively night. On the door, it's £25 entry; although a quick google can find you advance tickets from £15..


Leathermen South are celebrating three years as the premier group for leather afficionados, with over 500 members. Their third birthday meet at Subline is from 10pm on Saturday 29th. Entry is free if you're in leather gear, £5 otherwise. On the night, they will be collecting for the Rainbow Railroad charity - responding to the horrors in Chechnya - so please do dig deep


Sunday 30th is Cum In Your Pants. Entry is free to members, £5 to non-members. Getting into your pants is COMPULSORY after 10pm. Get down early and secure yourself a locker, then let your inhibitions go!


Thursday 3rd August, on the very eve of Pride itself, Club Silencio will be back; with their "Nightmare Before Pride" - More details on that next time.


I'm also deep in negotiations with a new host for Mr Subline, which is penciled in for late November/early December. The format will be having a huge shake-up this year, but I'll doubtless still have a hair-tearing time to encourage entrants: that's why I'm giving you all plenty of notice! All entrants will get a year's free entry to Subline, a drink voucher, and a chance at more prizes and glory than they could ever imagine, as well getting to be part of one of our biggest fundraising events (for THT) of the year!


Events for our seventh birthday (how the actual f--k?!) Halloween and Christmas fundraisers, and a whole lot more are also gestating, but I think it's a question of "Let's get Pride out of the way" before I start focusing on those...


Until next time, faithfully,




P.S. - I still have a few of the gorgeous Subline 2017 calendars in stock. They may have dates on them, but these are works of art to cherish for a lifetime... anyway, they are now £5..!