Easter, April, and shizzle
Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Hi All,


Welcome to Spring! Dunno about you lot, but I'm much buoyed by walking to work in the daylight, although less so by leaving to go home in the daylight, I must admit...


Nonetheless, with the change of the seasons, a sense of well-being settles across Brighton after the battering of Winter. We'll be here to provide your after-dark thrills throughout!


Without further ado, the events on the horizon:


EASTER WEEKEND: is always a big one for the Brighton bars, with tourists returning and plenty going on. At Subline we'll have an EASTER EGG HUNT running all weekend. Every egg carefully concealed around the venue will have a prize to claim - one per customer - from the bar, including drinks vouchers, annual passes, and more.


On Good Friday (14th April) the Big Scrum return to Brighton. Doors open at 10pm, and entry is £5 in kit (or sportswear), £7 otherwise.


Saturday 15th is The Cave, which is a hamfisted and potentially offensive reference to the interment part of the Easter story. What else would you expect? Nonetheless, our particular cavern below St James' Street will be full of celebration - gnosticism irrelevant - for the long weekend. Doors open at 9pm, and entry is £3 for members, £5 for non-members.


On Sunday 16th it's Underbears - in association with the Brighton Bears (of 'Weekend' fame.) It's an underwear party - but NOT COMPULSORY - from 9pm. Entry is £3 for members, £5 for non-members; of which 50% will be donated to The Rainbow Fund. If you dare to bare, it's sure to be more fun; so get down early to be sure of a locker, and drink/dance/fraternise like there's a bank holiday tomorrow... WHICH THERE IS! HUZZAH!


The following Friday (21st) is #FILTH, Kitten Skye & co's monthly kink fest. She's themed this month 'Catholic Guilt' but any legitimate fetishwear is permitted. No casuals! Tickets can be found through


On Saturday 29th we welcome back Leathermen South, for another meet at Subline. Always a busy night, doors open at 10pm, and entry is free if you're in legitimate leather fetishwear. Keeping it brief: a leather jacket, or an armband for that matter, is NOT A LEATHER OUTFIT. Jeans (or better,) harness (or better,) and boots is close enough, just not street wear! Entry is £5 if you aren't in leather wear, and (if I may say so) is still a bargain at that..!


We see April off with our monthly Underwear Party - CUM IN YOUR PANTS - on sunday 30th. DJ Nude returns with hi-NRG tunes, and undressing is compulsory. Doors open 9pm, and entry is free for members, £5 for non-members.


Originally advertised for 27th April, MAY 4th is now Club Silencio's "MISSION TO URANUS" ... Suitable for boys and girls, ages 18 to 80! Entry is £6, doors open at 8:30. Dress up for a chance of fabulous prizes. I'll present you their synopsis, at risk of ruining the surprise: When Princess Meleiania Trump is kidnapped by the Queen of Uranus, only freedom fighters Gingerella, Cr33p.P.Pedo and Han Job Solo can save her! Join the gang for an ALL NEW cabaret spectacular.


May has a whole stack of big events, with two bank holidays and some birthday celebrations *cough*40*cough* but I'll save those for next time.


See you soon,




PS: Brexit Exchange Rates being what they are, I've not restocked on Barcode goodies for a while, but a heads-up: some of their newest ranges (including some in sexy camo, and some in leather-look neoprene) are now available!