Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Good evening folk of Subline, and welcome to a lazily-edited news roundup - a full update soon!

May events are mostly 'standard'... We've Leathermen South on 4th, Dirty Tackle on 10th, Filth (Disney themed!) on 17th, Cum In Your Pants on 19th (a week early, in deference to the bank holiday,) Joystick Jockeys on 22nd... etc

On top of that, we also have Club Silencio invading... they're taking the venue over on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th... Apocalypse Cow... Enough said...

UPDATED: Tickets are essential for the Club Silencio nights. Thursday night, doors open at 8pm, and show commences circa 8:30, and tickets are here:

Friday doors open at 9pm, and after the show, there's "Eat America" - Silencio's after part/club night, and those tickets are here:

Att the end of May, we've the return of The Sussex Beacon's Bizarre Bazaar from 2pm until 6pm. Admission is £2 in the Beacon's bucket. All the donations received at the Sussex Beacon that might be a bit near-the-knuckle for display in their shops - a huge selection of fetish wear, adult toys, porn, and more - will be sold down here. I'll be rolling out my Barcode goods, too; and 20% of any Barcode sales will be going into the Beacon's fundraising pot. Naturally, the event can't happen without donations, so if you've a pair of optimistically-purchased chaps you can't squeeze into, a set of nipple clamps that are just too tight, or a sling you're just bored with, please do take it along to the Beacon Store!

By then, June and BEAR WEEKEND will be foremost in our minds... 13th to 16th, it challenges Pride as the busiest and best weekend in the city, and raises an amazing lump of dough for The Rainbow Fund, t'boot... not to mention the Zanzibar reunion party on Friday 28th, which should be amazing... As usual, I'll be back to tell you more soon!

Until then!