It must be Spring, snow's forecast...
Thursday, 15 March 2018
Evening Folks,


A pretty brief update, just to keep you all in the loop. My forecast events from the last bulletin are still irons-in-the-fire, sadly; but I'm hopeful I'll be able to confirm and tell more soon...


As I write this, there's a tremor of anticipation in the air, with less than 24 hours to go until FILTH's 2nd birthday event; Friday 16th March Skye and company will be holding their regular fetish fiesta, for boys and girls and everyone else.


The rest of this weekend is 'Subline regular' - all-male, no dresscode, etc.


Next week, on Thursday 22nd, the shadowy fellowship operating under the 'Club Silencio' banner will be bursting out of our basement, with their first above-ground show; The Private View, at the Phoenix Gallery. There's a little after-party at Subline, including some rather keen prices on the new cocktail menu; we will be open to all genders for the evening, naturally.


Saturday 24th is our regular Leather Meet, with free entry in legit leather fetishwear - otherwise it's £5 on the door. Open at 10pm


Sunday 25th we have Cum In Your Pants, the underwear party. Members get free entry, non-members it's £5, and (despite the forecast snow) I promise we'll get the place hot and steamy for you.


Through Easter weekend, we're open from 9pm each evening, and entry is £3 for members, £5 for non-members. It's all-male, and there're no specific dresscodes to concern yourselves with (although, as always, fetish gear is sure to attract positive attention!)


All through said weekend, there'll be a plethora of spot prizes available, as part of our annual Easter Egg hunt. Find one of the eggs cunningly secreted around the venue, bring it to the bar, and claim your reward!


April events are currently 'just' the regular ones...
Friday 13th - Dirty Tackle
Friday 20th - Filth
Saturday 28th - Leather Meet
Sunday 29th - Cum In Your Pants
...but watch this space; I hope to have more to report very soon!


Until then,