Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Welcome! How are we all?


At Subline we're moist with anticipation for a great Summer ahead; which can only be improved if we're laden with Golden Handbags during it!


Most of you reading this will be aware of the Golden Handbag awards, an annual fundraiser-cum-backslapping-fest *ahem* organised by G Scene; which gives community groups and businesses a chance to kick back and enjoy some friendly competition. The awards are purely kudos, but it's always nice to be recognised for my... sorry, OUR hard work!


If you've already voted, please skip the next bit; but for those floating voters (general election references being unavoidable!) I'd be gratified if you would consider the list given below as you make your choices at


1) Favourite Gay Club : Subline
3) Favourite Club Night : Club Silencio
5) Favourite Bar Small Capacity : Subline
9) Landlord of the Year : Steven Lee
11) Favourite Local Singer : Jason Thorpe
12) Favourite Bar Boy : Ian Sinclair / Subline
14) Favourite Brighton DJ : DJ Screwpulous (Maurice)
15) Favourite Brighton Hotel : Granville Hotel
17) Favourite Door Hostess : Polly
18) Favourite Door Security : Carl / Subline
20) Fvaourite Business: Brighton Sauna
21) Favourite Community Social etc. : Brighton Bear Weekend


Naturally, there are many worthy nominees (including others at or involved with Subline) but a unified push can only help with claiming a few!




Back to business: I'm here with the Club Silencio team right now, rehearsing for tonight's 'Mission to Your Anus' which is (even in its bare-bones state) a bloody hoot. I suspect you'll have missed it by the time you recieve this; but their next event is coming at the end of June (final date to be confirmed) and is sure to be well worth coming out on a school night for!


Next week we have our regular BIG SCRUM sportswear night on Friday 12th; entry is £5 in sports kit, or £7 otherwise, doors open 10pm


The following Friday (19th) is FILTH - Kitten Skye and co bringing a medical theme to their monthly full-fetish event. It's £25 on the door (if we have capacity for walk-ins) and casual streetwear is not permitted. Tickets in advance are £20 from the following rather long URL:


Thursday 25th is the start of a new night at Subline: TIME TO TALK. It's an open forum, which should be both informative, supportive, and a bit fun too. The issues surrounding sex, drugs, and mental health will be the core topics; but it's not going to be tambourines and kumbaya! We'll open at 8pm, and entry is free


Sunday 28th is our Underwear Party; in jumbo bank holiday mode. Doors open at 9, and undressing will be mandatory from 10. Entry is £3 for members, or £5 for guests-of-members


Then on 29th, it's a proper bank holiday special. I'll be celebrating *whisper it* my FORTIETH BIRTHDAY - fortieth? What a word; It looks even uglier than it feels! Polly will also be just a few days short of a momentous anniversary, so we can officially call it the SUBLINE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY PARTY! We'll be throwing together a buffet and opening the doors from 4pm to 10pm. It's not a men-only event, although I realise now I hardly know any women to invite anymore! :o


At the start of June, LEATHERMEN SOUTH MEET on Saturday June 3rd. as before, entry is free in proper leather clobber; £5 otherwise. Doors open 10pm.


The following Friday (9th) is the next BIG SCRUM Sportswear night.


On 11th June, it's the Golden Handbag awards (had I mentioned those?!) and we've taken a table this year, because you are all going to vote for us *ahem* After the event, Subline will be open at the slightly later time of 11pm for our HANDBAG HOEDOWN. Join us to celebrate our numerous victories! Confucious he say "It's all about the confidence!" (Sorry...)


In June the biggest news is, of course, BRIGHTON BEAR WEEKEND 2017 (16th - 18th.) Every year it's bigger and better; with substantial money raised for the Rainbow Fund, and a weekend crammed with events for every taste; and rivaling (perhaps besting?!) Pride for us at Subline. We are selling the Wristbands here now (which entitle you to many discounts all weekend, including £2 off of entry here on Saturday and Sunday) as well as holding a small stock of their Polo Shirts (£15) and T-Shirts (£12) for sale, proceeds to the Rainbow Fund.


FILTH will be back a week later than usual (thus avoiding BBW) on Friday 23rd; Silencio and Time To Talk will be occupying Thursdays around that date (once I tie them down!) and before long we're full-circle back to CUM IN YOUR PANTS on Sunday 25th; our underwear party with DJ Nude.


That's, like, eight whole weeks, man. More than enough for you lot to suck on for now. Don't forget to fill those dates in on your Subline calendars (there are still a few available, at cost price of a fiver, if you want one!) and I'll be back with more intricacies, and more vague projections, very soon!