Spring into Summer
Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Good Day, One-and-all;


After getting sunburnt last week, and battered by hailstones today, I'm not rushing to predict the Bank Holiday weather; but I'm sure it'll be a fine weekend for all who venture out onto the Brighton scene! I'm expecting busy, busy nights; but as always we can guarantee a safe and hassle-free space while the town at large gets over-run! When you've had enough of the hen-dos and being an exhibit in a zoo, we'll be here to provide succour.


Friday 4th and Saturday 5th are regular nights, with members getting in free before 11 (£3 after) and non-members paying £5 door charge. No dress codes to worry about, but dress to impress if you can!


Sunday 6th is entitled 'Dragged Under' - nothing particularly pertinent, except to acknowledge our place at the end of the cabaret circuit! Entry is £3 for members and £5 for non-members from 9pm.


On the May Day Bank Holiday, Monday 7th, I'll be opening the doors for an afternoon cruise. From 3pm until 9pm, we'll be here serving from our new cocktail menu (which will all be at introductory special prices) while you can hide from the scouring rain/blinding sun (as appropriate!) in one of our dark places...


Friday 11th of May sees us slotting back into 'regular' events, with Dirty Tackle, the monthly sports kit night. As usual, entry is £3 in sporting attire, or £5 otherwise; doors open 10pm; and DJ Screwpulous is in charge of the decks.


The following Friday, 18th, it's time for Filth once more; Kitten Skye and company will be transforming Subline into the sort of horrific dungeon the twinks like to think it is (LOL) for the night.


That Sunday, 20th, is Cum In Your Pants (a week early, to make space for Bank Hol Two!) DJ Nude is back in the seat for this one, doors open 9pm, and it is compulsory to undress.


Rolling into the second Bank Holiday Weekend, Friday and Saturday are 'normal' - Doors open 9pm; until 11pm members get free entry (£3 after) and selected drink discounts, non members entry is £5; and we're open until you lot stop coming! Sunday is 'Dragged Out Screaming' (detect a theme?) for those who prefer the company of men on a hectic weekend... Entry is £3 for members, £5 for non members


Then, on the Bank Holiday Monday, there's a bit of a hybrid-cum-chimera-cum-schizophrenic event! It's (two days before) my birthday, it's (two days after) John's, it's (one week before) Polly's... they're not 'big' ones, and at our ages (collectively 150... sigh) we aren't meant to have parties, but sod that! We'll be rolling out a little buffet (Rita has promised Gin Trifle, but that's as much as I can confirm so far) and inviting you all to join us for a couple of afternoon bevvies. Meanwhile, I shall have my little pop-up shop going in the corner (told you the event was schizophrenic!) with some major bargains from the Barcode Berlin range; making room for new Summer stock! Doors are open from 3pm to 9pm, then we're going straight home for early nights. Oh Yes. Probably.


Then it's June (dad...) Besides the regular stuff (Dirty Tackle on 8th, Leather on 9th, Filth on 22nd, Pants on 24th) there's the not-so-small matter of BRIGHTON BEAR WEEKEND. The best weekend of the year, to my mind; beating the bloat of Pride for fun, friendliness, and (frankly) gayness! Events kick off on Thursday 14th, with our official involvement being Subwoofer on Saturday night, and Underbears on Sunday. I'll give full details of those very soon!


New for June too; Joystick Jockeys. I've umm-ed and ahh-ed about indulging my inner geek for several years; and finally I am taking the plunge. Wednesday 6th June there'll be a selection of consoles rigged up, with StreetFighter, Bomberman, Mario Kart, Rock Band, JackBox, and other multiplayer pleasures for folk to indulge in.


There've been a series of knockbacks and postponements to events that I've (thankfully only) hinted at recently; but I will say more as soon as I can. Charity events and theme nights are all piling up at the 'back end' of the year again... where does the time go?!


One thing I would like to do, but which really depends on *YOUR* interest and involvement:


With the significant changes that the Sussex Beacon have been through, there is no longer any chance of running the ever-popular Bizarre Bazaar. Apparently, they hardly recieve any appropriate donations any more, either. I need to gauge interest; but was hoping to organise a fetish bring-and-buy sale, with proceeds to charity. Let me know if you've any goods you'd like to donate, and I'll see what we can pull together?!


I'll leave you with that in mind;