Pride 2019
Thursday, 4 July 2019

Good Evening all!

Summer is barreling past apace, and we're August (and Pride) are looming, so I shan't waste too much of your time...

I will start with a couple of huge 'THANK YOU's, though. Firstly to everyone who voted for Subline in the Golden Handbags. Polly and Sharon winning their categories was a well-deserved treat; and the community fundraising award was an even bigger surprise... for which the thanks (again) go to you lot! Well done for helping us to raise so much for good causes: long may it continue!

Talking of good causes, Bear Weekend have yet to announce their final totals for the Rainbow Fund, but it was certainly a fantastic fun weekend... We contributed £1,200 from the admission fees... I have a sneaking suspicion they'll have set a new record...

Coming up, I've kept July pretty simple: with our regular events (Dirty Tackle on 12th, Filth on 19th, and Cum In Your Pants on 28th) and normal Wednesday-to-Sunday opening.

Pride starts in earnest at Subline with a very special CLUB SILENCIO on Thursday 1st August. This faggy bunch of SJW snowflakes are back with "Club Silencio - Equality of The Daleks" .... banging on about the 'message of pride' no doubt... it's political correctness gone mad!

*Ahem* Seriously, it's a brand new show, probably with a serious message swathed under the cynicism, and undoubtedly hilarious and horrifying in equal measure. I can't wait! Ticket prices and door times to follow...

Pride itself then! As for the last few years, we'll be focusing our efforts on the core customers and times; so Friday night will be normal hours (9pm through to 3:30 am-ish) and entry will be just £3 for members and £5 for non-members.

Saturday and Sunday we will open an hour before the street closure ends, so you've time to party in the road if you must (urgh!) and get to us before a queue forms. We will be outside of the PVP closed area. As no PVP times have yet been put on the Pride website, I'm going to suggest our opening times will be 9pm to 5am Saturday, and 8pm to 4am Sunday. If anything changes significantly I'll let you know...

As previously, we'll be sure to have a substantial queue at the door before long. Try and get to us at opening time to avoid waiting! Said wait can also be somewhat alleviated with a "Queue-jump" ticket. These tickets (obviously) CANNOT guarantee you'll just breeze straight in (full to capacity is full to capacity) but ticket holders can come to the front of the queue. We are selling these tickets NOW at £8 per night.

Admission without tickets on the nights themselves is £8 for members, £10 for non-members.

After Pride, the rest of August can seem a bit flat, but we've got lots more arranged to keep the momentum going, culminating with our Bank Holiday Beach Party, a crowd pleaser every year. I'll be back with more about the August line up very soon.