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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Good Evening Gorgeous Geezers!

I hope Pride treated you all well? We had a distinctly INCREDIBLE time down at Subline; with hordes of genuinely joyous men squeezed into my oubliette... As it recedes into happy memory, it seems to be taking the Summer with it, but we're keeping things sunny and sultry with all our energy down here!

As I write, we're just a day away (Friday 16th) from this month's FILTH - Kitten Skye and her cohorts will be rocking a Naughty & Nautical theme. The well-stocked dungeon opens from 9pm, and (if capacity remains after ticket sales) admission is £25 otd. As ever, the event is open to men, to women, and to every other consenting adult too; BUT it is strictly fetish - no street clothes permitted.

In the earliest-possible slot (brought forward by Bank Holiday, which falls early) this Sunday (18th) is Cum In Your Pants: our regular underwear-only party. It's a more lighthearted affair than many imagine, and very liberating. If you want it a bit dirty, it can probably stretch to that, too... No exceptions to the rule, everyone must take their trews off, so there's nothing to be self-conscious about! Doors open 9pm, Admission is £3 for members, £5 for non-members.

The following weekend it's August Bank Holiday - the awful weather these last few days is anticipated to break, and we're sure to have a minor invasion of horny tourists regardless. Friday and Saturday it's business much as usual: Doors open 9pm; members get free entry and a quid off their beer until 11pm; after 11 it's £3 members, £5 non-members. On Sunday, however, we've got something a bit more special..!

Our Sundowner Beach Party on August 25th is one of the busiest and best nights of the calendar. Pop your flipflops and speedos on, and get down here to enjoy the last of Summer. Expect sun-drenched sounds from DJ Screwpulous, Cocktail offers, Sea and Sand (sorta) and lots of hedonistic, scantily clad merriment going on until the sun comes back up..! Admission is £5 for members, £8 for non-members

At the end of the month, on Saturday 31st, we have Masque 4 Masc - our take on a masquerade ball. Whether it's a Puppy hood, a gimp mask, or an ornate jangly harlequin affair, you'll be sure to have more fun with a bit of anonymity... Doors open at 10pm, and admission is £4 for members, £8 for non. The door fee includes a contribution to Terrence Higgins Trust and a slug of something fortifying on arrival!

That's the headlining month dealt with, but there's plenty more on the schedule.

Wednesday 4th September is Joystick Jockeys... there'll be racing or fighting games set up to get your competitive juices flowing, Rock Band for the more musical, Quiz and trivia malarkey with Jackbox; and also a bit of VR thanks to a sparkly new Oculus Quest. And if you know what all of that means, I expect you'll want to be here! Doors open 8pm, admission is free.

September's first 'outlier' event is Skool Daze - our (cliched, I know) School-disco-retro-sounds-fancy-dress night... Cliched or not, DJ Screwpulous will be selecting the primest cuts of 70s-80s-90s; and you just know you won't keep those hips still. Fancy dress is strongly recommended, teachers, pupils, Gymslip jailbait, PE-teaching-neanderthals, sleazy caretakers... even dinnerladies, I suppose... There'll be a selection of prizes for the sexiest/funniest/most imaginative outfits. Doors open at 10, and admission is £4 for members, £8 for non.

September's Dirty Tackle - the regular sportswear night - falls on Friday 13th... no superstition, please! This month, entry is free if you're rocking wrestling gear; it's £3 in other sporting attire, or £5 in civvies. Doors open 10pm

Filth are back with their full-fetish fantasia on Friday 20th September; details of the theme to follow.

After a little Summer hiatus, we welcome back the Leathermen South on Saturday 28th September. As usual, expect the place rammed to the rafters from opening time (10pm) with coir-clad guys. Admission is free if you're in legit leather or rubber fetish gear; otherwise it's £5

From the leathered-up to the stripped-down: Sunday 29th is Cum In Your Pants, back in its rightful place on the last Sunday of the month...

October and November might seem like a stretch, but for those who think I'm disorganised (and are probably correct) or thoise who are especially organised themselves; here are a few dates and details for your diaries.

October 3rd and 4th we have a contingent from British Gay Skins in town, for their STOMP weekend; the Friday night we'll be enforcing a strictly fetish dress code.

The Brighton Bear's Halloween party is on Saturday 26th October, with lots of hirsute horrors on display. The event will be raising money for the Rainbow Fund

On Halloween itself (Thursday 31st for those losing concentration at the back there) Club Silencio will be bringing us another tasteful slice of queer theatre

Over the weekend 8th-10th of Novemebr, we'll be celebrating NINE YEARS OF SUBLINE. They'll be taking me out of here in a box, won't they?!

MR SUBLINE 2019 is on 23rd November. I want entrants to get in touch NOW and we'll get this show absolutely vibrant - it's always very busy, it raises loads of money for THT, and there are always great prizes; but persuading any of you lot to step up to the plate as competitiors is no joke... I'll be cajoling you from now until then, so be prepared!

The Brighton Bears have another fundraiser penciled in with their Xmas party on Saturday 7th December; but I probably am getting a bit too far ahead now. I fully intend to cook up a few more tasty surprises before then, so watch this space for all the latest happenings!