coming up at SubLine

Thursday, 25th May
Time to Talk
We need to talk. And it's not just cis gay men who need to talk. It is all of us. Everyone that represents how diverse Brighton is, from Queer, Trans, Intersex, straight, gay and everywhere in between; this phenomenon does not discriminate.

We have seen Chemsex take people to lonely and confusing spaces. It is affecting our City in ways which have only lived in our nightmares. We need a space where we can affect it right back.

This night is about Brighton taking action. We are reaching out to anyone and everyone - whether their lives have been affected by Chemsex or not - to come and join together for a night of honesty, humour and compassion. We want to come together 'Brighton style' to share our stories, our hope, our fears - and our fucking laughter. These are the things that put us back on our feet. When we connect, we begin to see roads and paths again, not just empty spaces, paths that can get us out and lead us back to a place of safety, a place of community.
times: 8pm - 1am.
Monday, 29th May
Steve's Birthday!
As it's a significant one (40!) it'd be remiss of me not to celebrate at the club.

Bank Holiday Monday, we'll open from 4pm with a bountiful buffet for the great and the good (and some of you reading this, doubtless) to come and shower me with gifts :P

As it's a significant birthday for hat-girl Polly later in the week, it's a bit of a double celebration. I wouldn't reveal a lady's age; but let's just call this a 100th birthday party...
times: 4pm - 9pm.
Saturday, 3rd June
Leathermen South Meet
The South's biggest group for leather aficionados are back at Subline tonight!

There's no dresscode, but if you come sporting leather, entry is free. In casual clobber, it's £5

Doors open 10pm
times: From 10pm until late door tax: Free in leather, £5 otherwise
Friday, 9th June
The Big Scrum Brighton The Big Scrum Brighton
The BIG SCRUM boys are back in Brighton!

Expect cheeky shots and sweaty jocks, with DJ Screwpulous on the decks.
times: 10pm - 4pm. door tax: £5 in kit, £7 otherwise
Sunday, 11th June
Handbag Hoedown
Sunday 11th is 'Oscar Night' for the brighton Gay Community, and this year, Subline will be there. I trust you've all voted for us?!

Assuming, as I must, that we will be struggling under the weight of awards and plaudits, we'll be open at the slightly-later time of 11pm, after the ceremony.
times: 11pm - 3am. door tax: Free for members, £5 otherwise
Thursday, 15th June
Quiz swerve... apologies
Just a head's-up to say we'll be open slightly late on Thursday 15th June.

As the weekend will be full-on madness as the city crams to bursting point with bears and bear-fans; we're taking the opportunity to join in the Bear Weekend Opening Night Quiz (especially essential after winning the Golden Handbag quiz last month!) at the Camelford. It's all for charity, and we'll be far too busy over the weekend to escape to any of the other events!

It should all be wrapped up done and dusted before 11, so only early-bird Subliners will be affected. Join us to celebrate our victory (possibly) from 11 onwards!
times: Open later than normal, 11pm door tax: Free entry

regular events

Every Wednesday
Happy Hump Day
You've made it through most of the working week, so reward yourself with a night out - all draught beers are just £3 a pint all night, if you needed any more encouragement!

Stunning atmospheric, industrial decor. lockers / coat-check facilities available.
times: 9pm - 1.30am. door tax: Free entry for on Wednesdays / guests £5.
Every Thursday
Brace Yourself Brace Yourself
Brighton's member-only cruise bar is open for those of us looking for something a bit darker and more manly than your average Thursday night in Brighton.

Although there's no dress-code, Lockers and coat-check facilities available Free-of-Charge for members on Thursday, so there's no excuses to be drab!

Look out too for drink specials each week!
times: 9pm - 1.30am. door tax: Free entry for members on Thursdays / guests £5.
Every Friday
Steam Steam
Ease yourself into the weekend with Subline each Friday Night.

Drink Promos until 11pm, and our usual bargain prices after!
times: 9pm - 4am. door tax: Members free before 11pm/£3 after. Guests £5.
Every Saturday
The Men's Room The Men's Room
Subline will be thick with testosterone tonight as Brighton's member-only cruise bar gets busy with men who like men to be men.

Fantastic drink promos through until 11pm, and awfully reasonable prices after ;)

DJ Screwpulous on the decks from 10pm until late

Friendly faces both sides of the bar.

Open til 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lockers and coat-check facilities available.
times: 9pm - 4am. door tax: Members free before 11pm/£3 after. Guests £5.
Every Sunday
Guilt-free Pleasures
DJ Screwpulous has free rein to indulge his frothier tastes on Sunday nights, with something to cheer you up in the face of Monday!

Entry is free all night for members.
times: 9pm - 3am.