The time has come around to vote for your favourite Brighton-gay-stuff, in the annual Brighton-gay-stuff oscars; AKA The Golden Handbag Awards!

As usual, I've some recommendations for you lovely loyal readers, listed below. Naturally, you can (and surely will) vote as you see fit, but I'd really like to win loads this year (especially after we were ROBBED at the quiz... *ahem* )

If you click on that big ol' Handbag above, you'll be taken to the GScene page with the link to place your votes!

Subline Choices are:

Category 1: SUBLINE

3: Filth at Subline

4: The Brighton Sauna

5: Subline

9: Steven Lee at Subline

12: Ian Sinclair at Subline

13: Craig Warren at Subline

14: DJ Screwpulous/Maurice at Subline

17: Paul/Polly at Subline

18: Carl Divall at (wait for it... SUBLINE)

20: Brighton Sauna

21: Brighton Bear Weekend


If you're wavering at all, please at least vote for Carl, who will be leaving our door (and all door work) this Summer! It's going to be his last chance to win!